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Before & After Care

Before/After Care Services begin on the first day of school. The Before Care Program begins at 7:00 AM and continues until 7:30 AM, at which time a teaching staff member will be in attendance.  The cost for Before Care is a flat fee of $3.50, regardless of the time of arrival.  All families with students arriving prior to 7:30 AM will be billed for Before Care.  Therefore, if you do not intend to use this service, please be sure that your child does not enter the school building before 7:30 AM.

The hours for After Care are from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM when school is in regular session, or from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM when there is a 12:00 dismissal.  The fee is $5.25 per hour for the first child in a family, $4.75 per hour for the second child, and $4.25 per hour for the third child.  Hourly fees will be billed up to the nearest quarter of an hour, and the total amount due per month will be rounded to the nearest dollar amount.  You may choose five days a week or even once a week.  Our program can be specialized to meet your needs.  After Care takes place in the school cafeteria from 2:00 PM (or 12:00 on early dismissal days) until 6:00 PM.  All students must be picked up no later than 6:00 PM.  When picking up children from the school building, use the rear cafeteria door of the school only.  Do not use the front door of the school.

For safety reasons, children will be released only to the individuals authorized on the application, and identification may be required.  If there is a change, please notify us immediately.

The After Care program includes playtime (either outside or in the gym during inclement weather) in addition to snack time, activity time, and supervised homework time.  Our facililty is air conditioned in warm weather.  Our objective is to provide a relaxing, fun, productive after school environment.

Should you need After Care services occasionally, your child should come to school on or before the day services are requested with a note for the classroom teacher, or parents may call the school office by 1:30 PM to make arrangements during the school day.  Particularly for bus students or walkers, the school must be informed ahead of time if After Care arrangements are needed.  In the absence of a note or phone call, children will be dismissed as usual.  If you need to drop off a child earlier than usual or will be delayed in picking up your child at the regular dismissal time due to unforeseen circumstances, Before/After Care services can be invaluable.  This is why it is suggested that each parent fill out the Before/After Care application; the link is above.

Parents are encouraged to regularly check the monthly school calendars to note 12:00 dismissal days as well as club meeting dates and times.  At 10 minutes past dismissal time, students will be placed in After Care Service at the usual hourly rate.

Children who attend the After Care program may bring play clothing; this is optional.  Please be sure sneakers are included in the change of clothing.  Names should be on all uniforms, sweaters, blouses, etc. in order to avoid a mix-up as clothing is changed.  Each child should bring a snack and drink;  peanut products are not allowed.  On 12:00 dismissal days children should bring a lunch and drink.

In general, the two school days during the school year when we do not offer After Care services are the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving break and the last day before Christmas break.  These will be published on the monthly calendars.

Before/After Care services from September to the third week in May will be billed monthly.  From the third week in May until school closing, daily payments are required.  The monthly bill will be sent home in the white envelopes generally on the first Thursday of the month and will be due the following Thursday.


St. Stan's Aftercare Schdule & Activities

2:00-2:30:  Snack time & homework time  *any students that don't have homework can do the following activities:  watch a movie, coloring sheet, word find sheet, play a board game, read a book, free play etc.
Please note:  the activity must be a quiet one because there are other students doing their homework!  If children are running around screaming and yelling they will have to sit down and watch the movie.

2:30-4:15:   Gym Time    * any student that does not want to play in the gym can Free Play in the cafeteria
Please note, we can only go in the gym if there are no clubs using the gym.

4:15-4:45:   Snack Time & cool down time - students return to the cafeteria and can do the following activities:  watch a movie, art project (based on a monthly theme), water paint, coloring sheet, work find, play a game, free play etc.

4:45-6:00:   Students may return to the gym or remain in the cafeteria and free play.  Please note, we can only go in the gym if there are no clubs using the gym.

* No children are ALLOWED to run in the cafeteria

Saint Stanislaus Kostka School
221 MacArthur Avenue ♦ Sayreville, NJ 08872-1041 ♦ 732-254-5819